January 12, 2017:
Breastfeeding in church? Yes, affirms Pope Francis!
Pope Francis Reiterates Support For Public Breast-Feeding

January 10, 2017:
Breastfeeding helped this mom deal with postpartum depression:
Breastfeeding Helped Me Cope With My Postpartum Depression

January 29, 2014:

They’re here! All new and beautifully unique:
Pink & Lavender Breastfeeding Reminder Necklace
Our Breastfeeding Reminder Necklaces allow you to enjoy the clever functionality of a nursing bracelet in the comfort of a necklace! Because not all moms are bracelet-wearers. Some would much prefer a necklace, yet still want to enjoy the ingenious time-tracking convenience of a numbered nursing bracelet. The solution? A numbered breastfeeding necklace, of course! Check them out here.

December 21, 2013:

Check out this fun mystery novel that’s perfect for breastfeeding moms! It’s free on Kindle for a limited time only, so download it today:

Nursing a Grudge (A Maternal Instincts Mystery) by Diana Orgain

Kate Connolly would like nothing more than to cuddle with her new baby, except become a bonafide P.I. She gets her chance when San Francisco’s hottest critic writes a particularly scathing review about a trendy new restaurant. The critic’s boyfriend falls to his death under mysterious circumstances, and Kate fears that the restaurant critic may be targeted next. Battling sleep deprivation, diaper blowouts and breastfeeding mishaps, Kate muddles through her own investigation, Mommy style.

Nursing a Grudge is the perfect read to enjoy while nursing your baby!

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